EventCare offers resources for medical safety and education/training for companies and event organizers/race directors.

We have provided support as medical saftey teams at several national and international competitions including, the Mounain Biking and Adventure Racing World Championships, as well as the annual Explore Sweden competition. Our experience also includes international medical assistance and aid in the West Bank and the Ache Province.

EventCare was started as a company after we attended several competitions and concluded that qualified and competent medical teams were highly demanded. The people who trust our skills receive more than just common medical care; they receive complete medical resources spanning an entire event, upto 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team provides medicine and medical equipment comparable to an ambulance including, among other things, defibrillators and emergency medicines.

All of us at EventCare work daily in the medical fields including emergency medical response in Västernorrland (a county in Northern Sweden) and sports medicine at Umeå Hospital. This ensures that we are not only up-to-date in the rapidly changing medical field, but also at easy handling acute medical problems. Our team has worked together in challenging situations since 2003 which has welded us into a well-functioning medical unit capable of providing quick, flexible, efficient and quality services.
During EventCare's years as a company, we have completed numerous assignments and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our patients and our clients.