"We've done several adventure racers with Thommy, Per and Robert "EventCare" serving as the event emergency medical staff.  Working for an adventure race brings about many gray areas in terms of medical assistance, determining where to intervene and where to let racers continue on the course.  After several days of non-stop racing this gray line is more and more difficult to see.  These guys are the best.  They give the racers confidence and encouragement.  They take the time to understand our sport, our mentality and our need for their support.  They know where to step-in and where to stand back.  Knowing that there is an excellent medical staff that can and will make every effort to provide the racers with the necessary medical attention is paramount in our sport.  As an experienced adventure racer, we are  sure there is no better team in the field anywhere in the World."

Paul Romero & Karen Lundgren